Paper Submission Due

December 30, 2017

Notification of acceptance

January 10, 2018

Last date of registration

January 15, 2018

Conference Date

January 29-30, 2018

Call For Paper

Intelligent data analysis for biomedical applications:Challenges and Solutions.

• Computational intelligence in biological and clinical medicine
• Behavioral, Environmental, and Public Health Informatics
• Biological Network Modeling and Analysis
• Biomedical Imaging and Data Visualization.
• Clinical and Health knowledge discovery and decision support systems
• Artificial intelligence in medical education
• Information Retrieval
• Intelligent medical information systems
• Medical knowledge engineering
• Data inference, mining, and trend analysis
• Healthcare communication networks
• Healthcare modeling and simulation
• Mobile Health and Sensor Networks
• Predictive Modeling and Analytics in Healthcare
• Public health management solutions
• Sensor based mobile Health apps
• Nature-Inspired, Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks in biomedical education
• Integration of intelligent data analysis techniques within biomedical information systems
• Any other intelligent data systems for biomedical applications

Computers and Applications

• Computer applications in engineering and technology
• Computer control system design
• CAD/CAM, CAE, CIM and robotics
• Computer applications in knowledge-based and expert systems
• Computer applications in information technology and communication
• Computer-integrated material processing (CIMP)
• Computer-aided learning (CAL)
• Computer modelling and simulation
• Synthetic approach for engineering
• Man-machine interface
• Software engineering and management
• Management techniques and methods
• Human computer interaction
• Real-time systems

Medical Engineering and Informatics

• Hospital information/medical record systems, data protection/privacy
• Disease modelling/analysis, evidence-based clinical modelling/studies
• Computer-based patient/disease management systems
• Clinical trials/studies, outcome-based studies/analysis
• Electronic patient monitoring systems
• Nanotechnology in medicine, medical applications
• Tissue engineering, artificial organs, biomaterials design
• Healthcare standards, service standardisation
• Controlled medical terminology/vocabularies
• Nursing informatics, systems integration
• Healthcare/hospital management, economics
• Medical technology, intelligent instrumentation, telemedicine
• Medical/molecular imaging, disease management
• Bioinformatics, human genome studies/analysis
• Drug design

Advanced Computing Applications

• Advanced machine learning paradigms
• Soft computing
• Possibility theory
• Probabilistic reasoning
• Belief functions
• Rough sets
• Decision theory
• Philosophical foundation
• Psychological models

Intelligent Systems and Image Processing

• Gray wolf optimization for image processing
• Bat algorithm for image processing
• Ant colony optimization for image processing
• Artificial Bee colony algorithm for image processing
• Particle Swarm optimization for image processing
• Fire fly optimization algorithm for image processing
• Cuckoo Search algorithm for image processing
• Water wave optimization for image processing
• Plant optimization algorithm for image processing
• Lion optimization algorithm for image processing
• Bull optimization algorithm for image processing
• Chemical reaction algorithm for image processing
• Elephant herding optimization for image processing
• The raven roosting algorithm for image processing
• Bumble bees mating optimization for image processing
• Any other optimization techniques for image processing applications